About Vegan Majority

Welcome. We’re thrilled you’ve found us.

Vegan Majority seeks to amplify the voice of the global vegan community at a time of perhaps unprecedented progress and hope — and also of nearly unfathomable greed, destruction and despair.

We will focus on the hope. Hope in the form of a burgeoning global community of vegans and those on their way to becoming vegan. Hope in the volume and reach of communication and conversation around animal rights and the importance of moving to a plant-based diet. Hope in the shift away from not only the exploitation of and violence against non-human animals, but the exploitation of animal agricultural industry workers, as well. Hope in the expanding awareness that we already know how to end some of the worst problems plaguing humanity — and by extension, our non-human animal friends and neighbors: climate degradation, species extinction, environmental racism, and more.

We at Vegan Majority are inspired by and share the view of leading thinkers and activists like Dr. A. Breeze Harper, Aph and Syl Ko, lauren Ornelas, Christopher Sebastian, and so many others who see both the growing compassion in the world and the community forming around that — as well as the unconscionable horrors being inflicted on non-human animals at an unfathomable scale by the animal exploitation industries, sanctioned by anachronistic cultural norms. While some may focus on the latter, we — like those who inspire us — choose the former. While we mourn every victim and are heartbroken at the sheer scale of the destruction, we recognize the current state of affairs for what it is: the last desperate efforts of a carnist culture in its death throes.

It is important to emphasize here that while Vegan Majority centers on living harmoniously with non-human animals and the planet, our values embody care and compassion for all living beings — including, of course, our fellow humans.

Our aim is to collaborate with our ever-growing community of contributors — which includes you — to amplify the message of hope and to inspire and support one another in taking action. Whether you read, comment on and share the stories you find here, submit pieces for publication or support our collaborative efforts in other ways, please join us.

We publish essays, interviews, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, cartoons, illustrations, photographs and other visual art having to do with veganism, animal liberation and advocacy, animal ethics, speciesism, and the emotional lives and experiences of non-human animals. We enjoy personal writing as well as pieces with a political or cultural focus. See detailed submission guidelines here: https://www.veganmajority.com/contribute/

Please spread the word — and join us.

Thank you –
Cricket Casper, Co-founder and editor
Iris de Lis, Co-founder and editor